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Find and share shopping deals quickly through the Pinsher app. Join other users by uploading your own deals to be part of the community today! 

How it works


Easily find deals near you that have been uploaded by other users and stores. 


Managed to bag a bargain? Share the deal with others so they can check it out too! 


Quickly pin deals on the map as you find them so others can check them out.

Who is Pinsher for?


The Savvy Shopper is always on the lookout for the best deals. Pinsher makes his job a lot easier. He opens the app and filters results by what deals he wants to see. When he’s lucky enough to have found the deal he wants, he makes his way to the store to purchase the item at a discounted price! 


Have you ever purchased anything online only to realise when it arrives that it is defective, doesn’t fit, or simply wasn’t what you expected? Well, The Retail Shopper surely knows how that feels, and that is why she prefers to shop the “old school” way. With Pinsher, she can now purchase items at a fraction of their retail price without any disappointment! 

Shop faster,
shop smarter.

Enjoy a better retail experience with Pinsher by browsing through a range of categories to easily find deals you’re after. Join the community by uploading pins and sharing deals. 

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