Want to step into a bigger world of eCommerce? Not feeling satisfied as just part of the platform and want to own the whole thing? eCommerce has told enough stories of success for decades, however, have you ever thought about “Own the platform rather than just listing items?”

HandyAsk brings the opportunity to you.

Different from the big players like eBay, Airbnb and Amazon, HandyAsk not just let you listing the items to sell, but also let you own the platform. Yes, it is the chance for your to join those big names.

Features of HandyAsk are:

Market place: A place where customers browser, search and purchase items.

Product management: List products and manage orders.

Chats: A live chat channel between mechanise and customers

Online payments: A real time online payment solution that let customers to pay mechanise via credit card where you take certain percentage (You decide) of margins fo the transaction as income.

Market management: All the product listed in the market are visible to you for management. You can effective remove unwanted ted item or talk to the mechanise.

Mobile apps: HandyAsk mobile apps let mechanise to manage their items and conversations from their finger tips, ensure a smoother and modem user experience. You may experience HandyAsk mobile app at the following: iOS and Android

Analytics: HandyAsk gives you the insight of the platform performance, helps youth making your marketing decisions.

Customisation: We understand that there is no one size fits for all. Therefore, we provide customisation service to trailer the product for your business, including changing colour, logo, pictures, categories and a lot more.

Warranty: We offer 3 months’ warranty period for HandyAsk to ensure a smooth business launch experience.

Operation support: Don’t want to spend much time on IT and want to focus on your business? No problems. We offer operation support services that manages HandyAsk’s infrastructure for you. With our professional IT support team, we ensure your service will be up and running at the rate of 99.9% every day, every week and every year.

Shall you have questions or inquiries, please find us here or alternatively, send us a message in the chat box located at the right bottom corner and one of our friendly representative will service you immediately.

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