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PinBargain | HandyAsk Multi-site Platform | AotolChat | Aotol Webpage Monitor

PinBargain - Find the best deals near you

Looking to bag a bargain? PinBargain’s the perfect place for you — discover deals nearby and share them with others. Found a good deal? Easily add it so others can find it too. Follow other users so you’re always in the loop when something’s on sale!

PinBargain is a convenient mobile application that allows you to discover the best deals around you. Easily navigate through deals across multiple categories on the map with the simple user interface. Never miss out on good deals again!

HandyAsk Multi-site Platform

You can own the next eBay or Gumtree instead of merely listing items on these sites. As a multi-site platform (MSP), HandyAsk allows you to have full control over your own marketplace. 
HandyAsk is a comprehensive one-stop product that includes customer communication, item listing, inventory management and a marketplace. Additionally, payment methods are already embedded within the app for a streamlined process. 


AotolChat widget is a fully customisable reliable real-time widget, just as the one we have on this website. 

Customise the widget to suit your website while allowing your customers can contact you in real-time. You can also get back to them on the go via the mobile phone application. You can even choose to receive notifications via email and enable an auto-reply bot. No more long wait times for your customers! 

Aotol Webpage Monitor

Aotol Webpage Monitor is an efficient application that has been helping many users keep watch of website changes since 2005. 
Whether you need to keep watch of price changes or the newest updates, Aotol Page Monitor alerts you of these changes instantly via phone and email.
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